Personal Narrative: Why Was I Born In Hampton Virginia

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Why was I born in Hampton Virginia? Well I was because my Grand father was in the military and my family much more my mother had to always move around so Hampton Virginia was my birthplace. I also have ties in Queens New York as well. My father lives there, and as a child I would always go there to visit him, and even know I still go up there to see him. My whole name is Shawn Alexander Elliott. I’m 5’7, my birthday is November 11th, my nationality is Filipino. I am in my last year of high school. I enjoy a lot of sports. I play and also watch sports constantly such as football, basketball, and baseball. I watch other various sports but football is the main sport I watch and the main sport I play. There is a great passion there for me to…show more content…
So I asked myself what did I do wrong for me not to get in. The following week during practice I am working hard through drills, through plays, and listening intensely to the coaches, the second game comes along and I am still sidelined through two series of offense. Then my time finally comes all the hard work I put in to get to this point has paid off I ended up scoring two touchdowns and earned player of the game, and a spot in the local newspaper. Through my whole process of my 11th grade season I learned that pain is only temporary and I should never quit, I should only keep doing what I am doing so that I can get a reward out of it. Out of all things in life that keep me calm and mellowed it is poetry and music. I love to write to poetry and like to listen to music. As a young kid I always liked music because being as my mother is from the 80’s she listened to a lot of old school music. So growing up I heard all various kinds of music from Luther Vandross, and Whitney Houston to KRS-ONE and, Shai. I picked up writing poetry through English class in fact we had and assignment to write a poem and read it in class. Writing poetry is so soothing because you can say whatever is on your mind, and also have fun with it. I also got the liking of poetry through watching Def Poetry Jam that is a great show to watch when wanting to hear some good poetry. So in essence I’m a person who has determination and drive but I also have that thing of knowing about old stuff and new stuff, with a wide vast of

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