Personal Narrative: To Tennessee Or Not To Tennessee

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To Tennessee, or Not to Tennessee You are in the car, driving through the streets of Tennessee with your family. You are so glad you took this trip with them, and you can’t wait to see the sights. Then you drive by a wedding chapel, go-kart tracks, and mini-golf courses. Oops. Guess you didn’t expect the sights to be jam-packed full of tourists! Since the Smokey Mountains have plenty of vacationers, there is an abundance of enjoyable activities. There are many museums such as the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum and even a few wax museums! You can ride up the mountains in a trolley or a ski lift, which is always fun for people of all ages. Also, riding in ski lifts and trolleys give you a good excuse to get up and down the mountains…show more content…
There are too many go-kart tracks, mini-golf courses, and gift shops. Though it was a bit entertaining when I saw drive-through wedding chapels, many people find it odd. There are often many crowds making long waiting in lines long and it is hard to get around anywhere on foot. Aside from the many tourist attractions, there were many exciting things to do in Tennessee. One of them was white water rafting. It was very exciting to do and is fun for the whole family. I really enjoyed paddling along the swift river and being able to laugh along with everyone. Other fun things were amusement parks and similar rides. There is an amusement park owned by Dolly Parton called Dollywood. Also, up in the mountains there is a large building with an indoor skating rink that had more rides and alpine sledding. Alpine sledding is a wonderful activity for families, and you'll enjoy the feeling of wind rushing past you as you speed down the mountain! Even though there are lots of tourist-centered things, a vacation to Tennessee is completely worth it. So bring your family and enjoy your vacation! It will definitely be one you will never

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