Personal Narrative: The Vietnam War

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Paul C. Spillers English 101 02-08-2014 The Unseen War I remember being eighteen years old, and wanting nothing more than to start living life on my own. I thought my life would be easier this way; so I joined the United States Marine Corps. On October 26, 2003 I embarked on what I still consider to be the greatest journey of my life; becoming a United States Marine. My anxiety about what lay ahead was more than compensated by my naïve enthusiasm finally to begin following my dream. Little did I know that this sojourn would not only try, but also reveal my character in many ways I could not have imagined. Upon my arrival at the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot Parris Island, South Carolina I was immediately introduced to my platoon and our Drill…show more content…
I was bringing the situation report to the company command post when a loud soul piercing explosion soared through the air. I quickly turned around to a night lit by the balloon like flame the I.E.D. had caused. Knowing the direction from where I was standing I knew third platoon had been hit. As I was trying to assemble my marines together the company commander began to inform us all of our worst fears; a brother had fallen. I sat earnestly waiting for the battle numbers to be sent over the radio; hoping it was not any of my friends. Much to my dismay and heartbreak the first number received was that of my dearest friend. I remember trying to catch my breath as fellow marine began to console me. My greatest fears have now become reality. What was I to do? How was I going to explain this to his mother and sister; once again I had not the slightest of clues on how to fix my present issue. I believe more often than not we as individuals maintain a false sense of the realities we will face as we walk out our life’s journey. By doing so we are failing to prepare ourselves for the constant struggles that will reveal themselves throughout our life.

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