Personal Narrative: The Rollover

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Rollover At the time I had just begun college and had just finished my first two classes and was coming home to enjoy my weekend before I had to come back up to new classes and start all over again. I hit the road just like every other weekend pretty soon after class, around 6 pm. I had one hundred forty miles to go and my dad’s late birthday dinner to get to when I got there. I had been driving between sixty-five and seventy five for better than an hour and a half. I wasn’t going too fast but I was just barely passing the traffic. Driving in the center lane the truck in front of me merged right, revealing a slow moving straight truck. The truck that merged quickly sped up and was on his way. The jeep I was driving took quite a while…show more content…
I hit my brakes and cut the wheel hard right across the right lane of traffic and into the emergency lane by just a little bit. Trying to stay on the road I cut back hard left and that’s when the road turned sideways on me. All I heard was tire squeal and all I could see was the right hand side about half way down the straight truck. Within an instant the tires caught and the only way they could pull me was into and partially underneath the truck, and the rear axle was coming fast at my left side. Panicked but without any options to correct the matter I tried to hold on. Next I remember three jarring hits, at least one with the truck the others with the road, and the world was upside…show more content…
I gave them the same numbers to call to notify my family but nobody did. I believe it was a total of at least four that picked me up and placed me on the backboard. All of the sudden now that I was off the grass I began to feel wet and became conscious of all the blood that surrounded me. My entire body hurt but the back of my head was the worst against that horrible backboard. With all the pain I was in I felt every bump, every turn, every revolution of the engine hurt me. It felt like we were driving to the hospital at one hundred miles an hour on twisty dirt

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