Personal Narrative: The Presence Of Evil

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The Presence of Evil My personal belief is that evil is categorized as a deontological. I believe this because I feel that with deontology it’s up to the people to decide, in regards to respect and honesty, whether they want to be a person who can be trusted and act on good consciousnessor one who cannot. Teleological views do not match my definition of evil, because I truly believe that evil isn’t what makes people unhappy, it’s the events and the people that are surrounding the situation that can bring out the evil, which in turn makes the situation and the people involved in it, evil. September 11th 2001 was a day that will go down in the history of the United States, as the day evil struck our great country. These…show more content…
What is evil here is the fact that the person who was robbing the store, had it in his guts to steal from someone else for personal gain and nothing more. What is the point of stealing something from someone else? The respect and honesty issue come into play here as well. The robber would be viewed as someone with little respect, not to mention the fact that he was willing to take from someone else only for the benefit of himself. The robber, in this case, made the decision to commit this crime, and upon getting caught, or being seen, must suffer the consequences of being deemed evil, because someone who is out for the greater good of people and society as a whole, wouldn’t be stealing anything from anyone for personal gains. The last example I will give in regards to evil being present in so many different ways is the touchy subject of child molestation. Everything about child molestation is evil and inhumane, so my view on the matter can be seen right there. The people who commit these crimes may not have been evil in their life leading up to the crime, however, once a thought like that comes to mind, only bad things can happen from there on out, affirming that evil is a part of us, and it is our choice whether to carry out things that most people wouldn’t dare of doing, such as molesting a young
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