Personal Narrative: The Lanser Lake Home

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Work is exhausting. Schedules are crazy. The house and the yard work are never-ending. There is no time for a break−for a change from the ‘norm’−for pure relaxation and rejuvenation! Or is there? Of course there is! There’s always time for a break. But you need to make the time. So do it! Make the time for yourself and your family. Your daily routine and projects you keep meaning to tackle will still be there for you next week, next month, and next year. What will disappear before your eyes are your time, your health, your children’s childhood, and the opportunity for everlasting memories. So I am asking you to take the time to make the time for a dream vacation with no lines and nobody next door. Studies have shown that vacations…show more content…
Located here, on a private peninsula, perched above South Pond, sits the Lanser Lake House. This rental home rises three stories to sit among the tops of birch, maple, and pine trees. You’ll feel as though you are in the tree house you always dreamt of as a child. But this is better! This tree house has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and all the amenities necessary to make your adult life easy. Inside, the adults can enjoy playing games around the kitchen table−just like when we were kids. Our children can play with toys, video games, or foosball in the basement recreation room. Or perhaps all 13 of us could have family movie night in the living room which boasts a cathedral ceiling and attached screened-in porch that overlooks the…show more content…
In fact it is probably one of the most cost efficient family vacations you could plan. No air fare is needed as it is only an eight hour drive from our homes in Pennsylvania. No need to eat out. We will take turns cooking at the house. Your only food expenses are the groceries you would normally have purchased at home. The entertainment, that’s up to you. Although the swimming, boating, fishing, and hiking are FREE. The accommodations−you won’t believe this−will only cost each of our families about $450! Setting aside $50 per month for the next year would more than cover the cost of our luxurious stay. So I urge you not to delay. Put in for your vacation time now. Set aside that money. Start envisioning yourself on your dream vacation in a quiet, private home with only your loved ones. Smell that fresh mountain air and listen to the sound of your children playing. Imagine yourself waking up at 9:00 in the morning and lounging on the dock in your pajamas instead of putting on that business attire at six a.m. Build those memories that your children with share with their children. Take the time to make the time for a vacation in Greenwood

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