Personal Narrative: The Help

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Just like a lot of kids, growing up I never found myself seeking out literature to read recreationally. I only ever truly read when I found myself forced too for a grade. More often than not the books were pre­assigned and I always found myself avoiding reading and wanting to put it down after barely starting. Till one day I had just watched a movie and thought it was probably one of the most engaging plot lines I had ever watched unfold. I started to look and see online what other people thought of it. Sure enough I kept reading the other self­titled critics rave and rant about how much better the book was and how so much of the story was that was left out or altered. I finally came to the conclusion that I would just read the book and see…show more content…
Grandma Butterfield was a sweet old lady that was always super nice and would give us all candy and could often be found in the paper room, and occasionally was on playground duty which now that I really think about it was probably not the best idea considering she was nearly blind. I then escaped my random memories and hesitantly asked "Yeah, umm, I'm looking for The Help. I looked over in the 245's but couldn't find it." She hurried behind her computer and slowly pushed the keys one by one and looked at the monitor then wandered to one of the back carts and thumbed over books carefully reading the titles. She then stopped and slid off a yellow hardcover book and generously handed it to me "Thought I had seen it come in." I gave her back the book and she began to ring me up as I dug out my library card that I got once when I brought my brother for something. She handed me back the card and the book and told me the due date and I headed back home to get started reading. When I got home I got in bed and figured I had at least two hours to kill watching a little bit of TV or I could just start this book I just got. I got ready for bed, laid back down, and grabbed the book flipped through the bulk of the book and back to the beginning of the first chapter and began the book that would change my view on reading. After getting caught up in the book for a few days it was over and the charactersI grew to love all over again in a whole new light would no longer be developing in front of me. I would have to find new characters that would allow me to see things from their eyes. I think one of the main things that got me so involved was that the era was the 50's. Which has always fascinated me because of how recent it really is but because of all the social differences it feels

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