Personal Narrative: The First Day Of School

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I peeked out from behind Mom’s shorts and saw three ladies smiling down at me; Ms. Lucy, Ms. Brenda, and Ms. Linda. The first day of school had finally knocked on my door, and I was standing motionless on the other side, not quite ready to open it. I was terrified, because my supply of Mom’s hugs, kisses were running out. Her voice was already fading away. I was on my own now, facing the great unknowns of preschool. I took a deep breath, gave Mom my biggest bearhug, and said my goodbyes. I knew for a fact that Mom left while I was at school, but the fear of her leaving me was still there. This fear, however, continued to shrink smaller and smaller every day I saw the van in the parking lot. Learning my abc’s and 123’s had been fun, but that was for preschoolers. Kindergarteners learned how to use those abc’s to read and write sentences. Reading became my new favorite pastime, along with building castles with blocks. When it was time for recess, however, playing tag, swinging, and going down the slide were at the top of my list. I must have been a little troublemaker in Kindergarten, because one day I blocked the bathroom door, and did not let any of the girls out without a password. Of course, someone went and tattled, so I had to pull a “fry”. My…show more content…
Not shoulder length, not right above my shoulders, but a little below my ears. I did not think much of it at the time, but other people thought I looked like a boy. On my second grade field trip to Lincoln State Park, the tour guide needed some volunteers for an activity. He called the boys up to the front of the room, while the rest of the girls stayed seated. He then singled me out, thinking I was a boy, and told me to come up with the rest of the boys. I almost burst into tears right then and there. My teacher corrected the man, and he apologized, but it was still embarrassing just the same. After that incident, I asked Mom if I could grow my hair back
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