Personal Narrative: The Day I Broke My Foot

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8335 9910 The Day I Broke My Foot Playing Tag. This story takes place in the sixth grade at John Borrows Elementary. At the time, I was of average weight but I was still a little heavy for my age, although many of my friends were lighter then I but I did not care. The day some of my so-called friends and I were playing tag I broke my foot. When I crimpled to the ground and some of my friends came and said, “Hey look JR’s fat butt is on the ground and is crying what a fagot,” but no one knew that I broke my foot. Although I was in pain, I laugh with them because I wanted to fit in but it was never like that. In the time that everything happened, I was really never had a time to laugh at myself due to all the pain of being made fun of. Now I as I look back at it now, I laugh at it. I now know that if I had not been laughed at an early age, I would not be able to look back and laugh at it all today. The story takes place on a sunny late afternoon and I had just finished my day in sixth grade about 2:30 to 3:30pm. Some of my friends said hey lets go to the…show more content…
After three minutes of running, he tagged Daniel and he was it. I knew I could not out run Daniel, so I turned to run but foot was struck in a hole and then the next thing I knew I was it and on the ground and in pain. I did not know what happen but all I knew was it hurt. I saw my friends laughing at me and mocking me saying, “Look at the cry baby. What a sissy!” After I few minutes I got my foot unstuck and one of the playground people who were in charged ask if I was ok and if I was hurt but I told them no. They helped me up and they asked me do you need help to go to the nurse’s office; I told them no I could get there. I told my friends that I have to go to the nurse’s office to get this checked out and told them that I could not play no more today. Daniel said ok and after that, they began playing

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