Personal Narrative: The Big Game Of Basketball

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Basketball is my life! I can't imagine my life without it! I wake up early to go for a run every morning before school. Then come back to shelter to cook breakfast for all of the kids ages 5-10. I usually eat whatever is left over because we do not have a lot of food. After I clean up I grab my 5 dollar backpack that I got at Goodwill, my shoes for basketball, and my lunch which consists of a bologna and cheese sandwich, a granola bar, and a water. “Hey Ryan! You ready for the big game today?” Tonight is the biggest game of the season, and Bret is one of my best friends from the basketball team. “Hey, I am so ready, Bret!” Bret told me that my english teacher postponed the test that we had today. My english teacher is Mr. Cyclone, and he

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