Personal Narrative: St. Mary's Catholic Church

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St. Mary's Catholic Church gives me closeness to God that I can't seem to feel anywhere else. When I pray in my room I lack the presence of God. I feel like I am talking to myself. I've also visited other churches, but his presence is also absent. There's something about St. Mary's that just brings me home. There's a white plain baby room before the actual service room. As I walk into the service room the vanilla scent from the two burning candles by the alter hit me. During the service I can hear babies in the background. Their giggles and cries carry into our large room. Their goo's and ga's help us realize maybe the room isn't as sound proof as we thought. Also during the service Jr. my younger brother is walking past me every ten minutes.…show more content…
He sits at the front, to the left, and at an angle. His voice is so beautiful and carries through the large room. We all join in and sing along with him. As we sing his voice is the only one I hear. His voice along with the lyrics of the song brings me closer to God. His presence is clear. The light of reason shines on me! His song wraps around me like the arms of love. My hearts feels warm and my soul wants to holler amen! His fingers stroking the wooden guitar, his velvet voice, and our church being one gets me the closeness I lack with God. When Miguel isn't there, the service isn't the same. I need him to make my mood…show more content…
They all have their own meaning and colorful colors. As we sing along with Miguel, all my concentration narrows down to a single thought. My eyes always lure to the same stained glass window. It’s bright with promise. It's a painting of Jesus with white lambs lying by his feet. He's surrounded by green, green grass highlighted by the rays of the glistening sun. The painting seems so much brighter than the rest. It reminds me that we are God's lamb. He is our shepherd and we are meant to follow him. The painting makes me long to be his pure white lamb. This window keeps me focused on who I want to be and where I need to be. There's no other place I'd rather be than at God's feet. Just knowing I'll be led with love and security makes me strive to be a lamb. This painted window has a deeper meaning than the

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