Personal Narrative-Skipping Physics Involved In A Soccer Team

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I'm thinking of skipping physics all together. I don't want to climb the grand staircase. I can't climb the grand staircase. Too many steps. I'm thinking of just spending the period in the office. It's closer anyways, and it's on the same level as I am. It's just too many steps. My legs are crying. I don't see how the soccer team does this everyday. Everyone knows soccer is a running sport, but I don't think everyone knows how much RUNNING is actually involved in the sport. So I could understand better, I spent a period running with the JV team and then a period practicing with Varsity. It was exciting, embarrassing, and eye opening to how much the team must go through to prepare for a game. I haven't been able to run for a…show more content…
It had been bright and sunny when I'd been out on the field, but I knew that the players sometimes played and practiced in freezing weather, shorts and all. I had to hum "Just Keep Swimming" to keep myself going, and that had been when I was doing lunges inside. I wondered what it was that got these players through the day. When the players kept running and I was about to pass out, I remembered that one scene in Superbad where the cop was in the same situation I was, trying to catch a kid who was still running while the cop was on his knees exhausted. The cop said that the kid was a "super freak", and that's kind of what I thought of the soccer teams. They're super freaks. Despite the weather, the stubborness of a soccer ball, and the intense workout, they still stay motivated, have fun, and even encourage me to keep going. I never want to run up and down steps again. I don't even want to walk them. I plan on asking one of the principals if I can just use the elevator to get up and down for now on. Regardless, I think I understand better now. I'm a Soccer Sidekick, and I've been proudly supporting the soccer teams the entire season, but now at every game I think I'll cheer a little bit louder, because they were there to cheer me on when I needed it, and most of all, I can't wait to see those super freaks go to

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