Personal Narrative: Six Flags Fiesta Texas

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Six Flags Fiesta Texas I was twelve years old, and I thought I knew everything. I was a honor roll student, good at sports, and honestly believed the world revolved around me. At this age, it was impossible for me to accept I was wrong or someone was better. I admit now that I was a little immature brat. That Halloween, my parents took our family to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. It was my first time there, and I was so impatient. I was as excited as a kid getting his first cookie. Everything was decorated in scary designs, and haunted houses were everywhere. The water was red! At first, that freaked me out so bad. After slowly walking around with my family for a few minutes, I decided to look around the amusement park for myself. Getting away was not…show more content…
I had never been yanked around with such force at high speeds. I loved it. I loved it so much that I completely explored the rest of the park in the next hour. I thought I was the coolest kid in the world. Eventually, the fun went away. Everything was looking the same to me, and my stomach was not feeling very good from the rides. I decided I was lost, and that I had to start keeping an eye out for family members. At this point, the pitch black night, the cold wind, and all the dumb dressed up costume guys were making my day horrible. I tried to make my way to the area where I first ran off. I began to think about all the yelling I was about to receive. More and more guests of the park were departing. The park was getting empty quick. I did not have a track of time. This was bad. Sure enough, my family was at the gate. Thank god. I ran up to my mom and gave her a huge hug. She actually did not give me any yelling until the next day. I just had to explain where I went and all about the adventure I had. That day changed my life. My mother is the main reason my life is so great. I love her so much! I would have rather spend the day with her than by myself scared to

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