Personal Narrative-Round Of Golf In My Life

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It seemed like none of my experience leading up to this point could help me. This was going to be the most grueling round of golf in my life. The doctor said that if I decide to play it will be some of the worst pain that I have ever experienced. How could I have not gone out to play that day, it was my senior year of high school and last tournament unless I play well and make it to state. My team needed me also; we were ranked eighth in the state and had a good chance at making it as a team. So I loaded my golf bag with Aleve and headed to the course. It was going to be a struggle, I knew that for sure. I had played a nine hole tournament two weeks earlier and shot the worst round of my high school golfing career. That was before I knew that I had a bulging disc in my back. I did not practice before the round because I knew it would not help. Once I got to the first tee…show more content…
I hit my tee shot a miserable ten feet. However, this time there was water ten feet in front of the tee box. I made a triple bogey on the hole and wondered how many more ten foot shots would be in my future. With three holes left I was four over par and not looking forward to playing the rest of my round. When my coach came to talk to me, he informed me that only one other player on my team shot well, so if I wanted to make it to state I would have to do it by myself. I played the last two holes well and got to the eighteenth hole with butterflies in my stomach and a sharp pain in my back. I played the par four well and got onto the green after a chip shot and had a six foot putt for par. A teammate came over and told me that there is a tie at seventy six to make it to state. If I made this last putt I would shoot seventy six and make it into a playoff with two others. I wiped the sweat from my palms and took a deep breath and putted the ball. The ball went right in the hole and I pumped my fist with

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