Personal Narrative: Piss Christ By Andres Serrano

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Essay 1 Under scrutiny, held captive by controversy, caught between an innate desire to speak freely and defend my faith, I find myself stuck between the boulders of religion and freedom of speech. In his piece of art known as "Piss Christ," Andres Serrano depicts a crucifix submerged in a glass of his urine. His work sets the stage for a collision between freedom of artistic expression and the interests of a large sect of society in which I find myself immersed - Christianity. This piece of work not only unsettled and surprised me initially, but enraged me as well. I see myself as a rational observant to my surroundings and typically weigh a cost benefit analysis of the passion that I voice on many aspects of society. As a student…show more content…
The structure is based around certain historic roles and tasks to be fulfilled by each entity. The modern Western family serves numerous interests that have evolved into units for economic, political, and educational use. Sociologists take a keen interest in the family structure as a tool for understanding the development of individuals in their personality, interests, ambitions, and even their mental capacities. My family is no perfect model for scholarly observance, expected functionality, or even positive development, yet it has played the largest role in the young man I have…show more content…
I have played the leadership role not only within my household, but also in my school and community as well. Following is not something I have ever accepted, nor is it something that would be permitted in the environment in which I live. This innate quality is part of my interest in politics and passion for debate. My reactive nature in conversations to engage people and inquire on their positions comes from a daily occurrence within my house- arguments. Although initially seen as negative, this has led me to succeed in activities like debate and mock

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