Personal Narrative: Pass Me The Storage Bin

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Molly McCans November 22,2011 Block 4 Pass Me the Storage Bin “ you’re living in a pig pen! This room is so gross and disgusting. How can you live like this?” Those words coming out of my moms mouth are all I can remember. So my bedroom had toys, dirty clothes, clean clothes, and trash all over the place? What was an eight year old supposed to do, I’d rather play with my Bratz dolls than clean my bedroom. That’s when it hit me: I needed to change. Its hard to believe that was only eight years ago. Being neat and organized has changed my life in many ways. Having my mom see my bedroom a complete mess made me feel terrible about myself. She would always yell at me for the dumbest reasons anyway so I just stopped listening at a very young age. But like always, I got grounded for not cleaning my room. Typical of my mother, but my dad couldn’t care less if my room was messy or clean. It was my room after all. So I figured id have to clean it because I was fed up with getting into trouble over stupid things.…show more content…
HGTV was what I turned on, I thought wow not ver entertaining for an eight year old. It was an old lady channel about organizing and interior decorating. But it actually wasn’t bad, I ended up really liking it. A chilf liking HGTV who would have thought? My favorite show was Clean House They went into someone’s entreamly cluttered house and took everything out, and forced the people to go through everything which ended up helping them. But that’s what I did, I took everything out of my bedroom and went through
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