Personal Narrative: Myself As An African American

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My room is still full of my first beloved patients, my teddy bears! I look them every day so that I may reminisce those days when I would check Winnie’s blood pressure and making sure his vitals were ok. Back then, I’d even make sure that while in my care he even ate his favorite honey for lunch. This compassion I showed as a young child is very much still a part of my character. I identify myself as an African American although I am mixed with Choctaw and Caucasian. Born in the neighborhood of Westside in Jackson, Mississippi, I am known to be an appreciative and helpful person because of the circumstances my life has. In short, I come from a family that didn’t have much, but from that, I learned to be caring and share what I do have with others. Generation by generation in my family, we’ve found a way out of the stigma and stereotype of blacks, be it way of being an excellent athlete or an intellectual bookworm.…show more content…
Her jokingly saying that motivated me to stay focus in school so that I can earn accolades and scholarships with the intention that I wouldn’t be a burden financially. God has blessed me to have a full ride to this school, but knowing that it can be taken away, I will do exceedingly what is expected of me to keep it. Ever since my first patients, it has been a natural instinct to care for people who are sick. My family has a long line of women who were nurses, including my mother, grandmothers, and great grandmother who attended Ole Miss and UMMC. Willingly, I would love to continue this legacy by attending your renowned nursing

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