Personal Narrative: My Spinal Cord Injury

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Two years ago when I was 15, I suffered a spinal cord injury. I was at the top of my game,top of my class and top runner on the ski team.I do not want to sound too full of myself when I say I was "overwhelmed" with responses from the hottest guys but there he was H***** I never really had a boyfriend til then.We seem so perfect for each other I thought he was my soul mate. The night before I broke my back he said he loved me. So much for his being in love. Once I had licked my wounds and felt ready to try this again so i got back out there with what I thought were my true friends. The popular gal is not so popular anymore. I am tiring of hearing how I really do not need to meet anyone who is so low in character, not worthy of,,,,,,,etc, etc.

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