Personal Narrative: My Mentoring Program

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Working hard towards something that could change a life is exactly what she is doing. She has her head on straight and is looking forward to helping each and every student one step at a time. The many life lessons she endured has strengthened her, and she is taking that strength and using it for a good cause. h This year, math teacher Angela Munday began plans to re-establish a volunteer mentoring program that faded away years ago, for students at the high school. Munday, who is working to match volunteers with students in need, hopes to kick off the program May 1 so that it can continue through the summer. “I broke the curse in my family that everyone would be less than they could be,” Munday said. “I want to connect students to mentors…show more content…
“It took me almost two years, but we are ready to get this program started again. We are starting off small, but I hope we can grow the program each year.” In addition to starting the program back up, more than 15 local business people and four district staff members have volunteered to mentor student. Mentors commit to meet with their mentee at least one hour a week. Also, Munday also asks for a one-year commitment. “Before I came to Leaguetown, I had a mentor at my old school,” sophomore Corey Small said. “I have already talked to Ms. Munday, and I hope I can get a mentor on May 1. It would be great to have another adult to support me. My mom didn’t go to college, so she doesn’t understand all of the forms and applications. I hope my mentor can help guide me through that process.” Students who are interested in obtaining a mentor may sign up with Munday in Room 318. Also, faculty and staff also can suggest students for mentors. “I haven’t signed up yet, but I am going to do it,” freshman Ylise Ventura said. “Ms. Munday is my math teacher, and she has told me her story. We have pretty similar stories. Maybe a mentor can turn my life around like Ms. Munday’s life. She is

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