Personal Narrative: My Marching Band

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My face was as red and blotchy as a white tee shirt in a ketchup fight- I knew I looked terrible but I didn’t care. Tears burst out of my eyes with passionately and frivolously making my eyeliner race down my cheeks, but I didn’t care. Noise penetrated my ears until my head hurt, yet I was the one that was screaming the most- and once again, I didn’t care. Nothing in the world, not even my vanity, mattered at this pivotal moment. My peers were literally jumping on top of each other, hugging and crying the same way I was. My best friend, Josh, was making it rain with dollar bills. He threw one-hundred one dollar bills in the air, one after another. Each fell with the feeling of victory and accomplishment, swaying softly down to the ground like petals from a blooming spring tree. This was the best moment of my life.…show more content…
That Saturday night was the night that the marching band, MY marching band, won the biggest marching competition in Missouri. That band was my entire life and was the reason I went to school every day and felt like music helped me learn and retain information. It was actually a mutual feeling through the band. Music brought friendship and a sense of being to the members of the band. In retrospect, I would be nowhere I am today without the music classes I took in high school. Even so, in the United States today primarily in places as close as Illinois, music and fine art classes are the first classes being cut when there is a lack of

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