Personal Narrative: My Heritage

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Heritage is something that comes or belongs to one by reason of birth. My heritage is that I am 100% Polish. Both my parents were born in Poland and both of my parents grandparents were born in Poland. I interviewed both my parents to find out more about them and my heritage. After I interviewed both my parents I had a new found appreciation for my parents to see what they went through to come to America and the hardships they faced to let me and brothers have the good life we have now. My mother came to America from Poland when she was only 19 years old on February 13, 1985. When departing from Nisko, Poland by bus she was transported to Italy were she spent 3 months in some kind of camp where they asked her a bunch of questions why she…show more content…
This was my mother’s first place she visited in America because she went to the Polish National Home on Valentines Day. Six months later after the Valentines Day party she met my father at a Fourth of July party. Six months after the Fourth of July party on January 11, 1986 my father proposed to my mother guess where, that’s right at the Polish National Home. About a year later the first member of the Magiel family came on February 14, 1987 my brother Chris was born. He was a lucky baby because he was born on Valentines Day. Then on October 17, 1988 the second member of the Magiel family came, my brother Robert. Finally the last member of the Magiel family came on August 6, 1990, me Beata Magiel. I was the last child born in the Magiel family. With my family my parents try to keep their old traditions from Poland so at home the whole family speaks Polish, so that we don’t lose our Native language. We also go to the Polish church every Sunday, and after church we all have a giant breakfast and discuss what has happened throughout the week. The reason we have this every Sunday is because during the week we barely see each other because I have school, sports, and work and the rest of the family has busy work schedules. We are a very religious family that loves to go to church. On Holiday’s we also go to church like 3 - 4 times in that week. It all depends on Holiday. Although the best part of the Holiday season is the food. It’s always so good, especially Christmas, where my mother makes Pierogi, they are so good. They are the best Pierogi because the recipe has been passed down from my great grandmother, to my grandmother, to my mom, and I am hoping one day it will be passed on to

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