Personal Narrative: My First Marching Band Concert

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On Friday September 12th I went home for the weekend and attended my high school’s football game in Louisville. I thought it was exciting to go back to my former school as an alumni. I was even more excited about seeing the marching band. I was the captain of the color guard for three years and was anxious to see what the show would consist of this year. I couldn’t wait for the halftime show and wanted to hear what the band would sound like. I sat in the stands and had an overwhelming feeling of excitement as the drum major lead the band on the field. The beat coming from the drum line ran through my head, it was an allegro tempo. Then as the band came to a stop the beats ceased and the band members took their places of the field. The drum major took his spot on…show more content…
The tempo was then adagio. I didn’t really enjoy this movement because of this. The music sounded great, but I just got a little bored and was waiting for the tempo to liven up again. Even though the tempo was slower in this movement the pitch of the instruments were much higher at times. The third movement was just as exciting as the first. The theme of the music was repeated again and it tied the whole composition together. My favorite part of the show was in this movement, the percussion break. The rest of the band was silent besides the drum line. It was exciting and the beat stayed in your mind. The band added vocals too which made it even more interesting. I also like how the music was organized. A theme was introduced in the beginning and then repeated at the end. It completed the circle. The entire show lasted about eleven minutes. It was a great show in my opinion. The band was on key and their variations sounded good. I enjoyed going to see the band play and it’s always something that I will be interested in. I hope to see the band perform again and I hope they can improve throughout the

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