Personal Narrative: My First Lacrosse Game

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Chris Day Day 1 Professor Downing Writing and Language 7 September 2006 My First Lacrosse Game As I advanced onto the bus on its way to my first lacrosse game, I could smell the musty pads of all my teammates. Walking towards the back of the bus I could feel the tension and noticed the nervousness of all the players. All heads were up and eyes immensely open. My best friend’s legs were shaking as he kept glancing at the coach for comfort. I could hear nothing the entire trip but the roar of the diesel engine beneath my feet while a feeling of nausea surrounded me as we approached the school. Everyone was wide awake as we pulled into Kennett High School parking lot. All eyes were locked forward as if my coach were…show more content…
I no longer had the fear of letting my coach and parents down. I wasn’t just that kid on the bench watching, I was now a part of the team. With this new fount talent and attitude I could finally be the player I wanted to be. As my team passed the ball to one another, trying to look for a way to score, the opposing team stripped the ball from one of out best players. I thought to myself, “What are we going to do now?” I felt like I needed to push myself even to the next level. In doing so I rushed towards a pile of chaotic swinging activity, I fought my way in the middle of the action. Pushing anyone that got in my way, I demanded the ball. My teammate cleared an opening for my arrival. I bent down with my eye focused on the ball, scooped through the pack like Mosses parting the Red Sea and captured what had been mine the whole game. Running down the field I saw my best friend making his way towards the net. Weaving through people at an unnatural speed, I had split the defense. With my best friend to the left of me and the other team’s goalie in front of me, I felt a connection for the first time between my best friend and I that was unfamiliar. Remembering his shaking leg on the bus forced me to be

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