Personal Narrative: My First High School Experience With Diversity

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I believe that diversity is the single most societal issue today. Diversity plays a key role in the world today, from the fashion industry to the world of politics, diversity is wanted as much as needed. An assortment of people, things, ideas or cultures can help to spread new thoughts and implementation of ideals. I plan to aid in fixing this problem by opening myself up to more diverse things and situations. Diversity comes in countless shapes, sizes and languages, and by opening myself up to these new things it may evoke others to do so. From the many high schools that I have attended, to the different people, beliefs, cultures, and an array of other diversities I have managed to experience and learn about, my high school experiences were built on these factors and aided me in moving out the crowds of normalcy. My first high school experience with diversity was at _________ The entire school population was ____________. Between the constant brawls between teachers or school staff and students and the weekly riots that would take place, that school clearly displayed the many stereotypes attached to Black Americans today. I spent my first two years of high school in that place, and it gave me…show more content…
The next journey was onto my last high schools which are in _________________________________________________________ was diverse, yet, in a different sense, a varying mix of underprivileged minorities, as well as a few over-privileged kids too, whereas ________had a diverse population all over. Both these schools and the areas that they were located in gave me a new sense to how different I was, and still am, from the crowd and how we shared similarities also. I made lifelong friends who helped me open my options to trying out new things, ideas, and ways of going about

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