Personal Narrative: My First Day At Jasper Middle School

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Addison Nolan 11/18/13 Today was my first day at Jasper Middle School. I got to follow the nurse at the school. Her name was Mrs. Weaver. I know Mrs. Weaver from swimming; her daughter is on the JAWS swim team. She is very nice. When I first went to her office she told me the first thing she had to do every day at work. Checking the AED was a school policy and rule for her. There were two AED she had to check. There were four steps to checking the AED. Also every time a child enters or leaves the nurses office they have to sign in and out. The nurse has to document on her own sheet of paper and into the computer why the student was in her office and when they arrived and left. She said that I would be helping her catch up with that because…show more content…
Weaver’s office she immediately had me check the two AED’s. When I came back she had me catch up with logging in the students. I go to meet the two diabetics that come into her office every day. One of the boys comes 4 times a day. One time in the morning, twice around lunch, and once right before school. She showed me how to fill out there sheets and told me how the treat the two students. 11/20/13 Today I learned how to do vision and hearing screenings. I was shocked to see a lot of students get 20/30 vision. Every time the student would be done with the vision Mrs. Weaver would tell them that if they ever felt like they were having trouble seeing that they should go to the doctor because we don’t want future dangerous drivers. After she showed me how to do it she allowed me to give the test and put the results into the computer. I was always nervous because I always thought I was going to mess up but the more I did it the more I got used to it. 11/21/13 Today Mrs. Weaver was off and so I got to work with Mrs. Combs. I got to learn how to do the hearing screenings. This was very easy. All I had to do was press two buttons, right and left. I didn’t have any students that had a difficult time doing the test. She was running behind in some of her work today so I afford to help catch her up and she gave me a huge load and I did as much as I could do in 45 min. She said I was always such a huge…show more content…
Weaver had me count all the medicine to make sure we had the correct amount and that we didn’t have too many pill or too little. After that I made over a 100 copies of paper that she needed. That was a joyful time. When I came back I go to help out with one of the diabetics and learned that he was a part of the vandalizing scandal. That was also very interesting. He told me that he regretted and I tried to give him positive advice. He also told me what it was like to be diabetic. That was my favorite part of my entire day. 12/4/13 Today Mrs. Weaver gave me a list with over 100 student’s names on it. The whole hour I was there I had to update the student’s results in hearing and visions screenings. Knowing that a nurse has to do this for eve student is absolutely crazy. I had no idea a nurse could have so much on her plate and have to deal with the present. The work keeps pilling and never stops. 12/5/13 Since today was Thursday Mrs. Weaver wasn’t in her office. I was with Mrs. Combs. Mrs. Combs was very laid back. There were never any students that came down when she was in there. She said students never really came down because she didn’t deal with their excuses because she knew more than half was just trying to get out of class. Mrs. Combs was pretty good with keeping everything updated. She keeps it sweet and simple. She showed me how to contact a parent when a student had to go home and also showed me how to update the student’s attendance notifying he or she would

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