Personal Narrative: My Experience At Tar Heel Boys State

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My Experience at Tar Heel Boys’ State By Adam Taylor At the start of the 69th session of Tar Heels Boys’ State, I simply expected to debate various social and political issues with others, eat, and workout. I had no intentions of attending any program that did not involve athletics, and my political aspirations consisted of not running for any political office higher than county senate. But, immediately upon my orientation into my city, I felt a strong sense of camaraderie. Despite not knowing any one in my dorm building, I quickly felt like I was surrounded by friends. Just becoming citizens of a mock state seems to really help bring everyone together. The Tar Heels Boys’ State program is very impressive. 300+ individuals elect and run a state government while attending seminars run by actual state officials. We also compete in various sporting events and debate non-stop diverse social, economic, and political issues. The government is built from the ground up, and then is successfully run by all the citizens of Boys’ State. Counselors are there to make sure that the “government” does not become a state of anarchy. Party affiliation influences how most citizens vote. Many colleagues voted straight ticket during the voting process. Citizens attend party platform meetings, party county nominations, and party state nominations. The…show more content…
After making numerous speeches, I was elected. The duties performed by the Supreme Court were far more complicated than just deciding right and wrong. Due to the actions of a peer, the Supreme Court was put in the position of re-granting a Bar License to an individual who deemed his revocation unconstitutional. After four hours of deliberation, the Supreme Court came to a verdict with a 4 to 3 vote. Having a bar license for a mock state is nowhere near as important as life or death, but it truly felt as if we were deciding the death
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