Personal Narrative: My Experience At T. C. Williams

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“A privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” –Joseph Campbell. We all look at one another as if we were totally different from each other. When I left D.C public schools to attend T.C Williams in Alexandria, Virginia it was a very different experience for me. It was like the principal and teachers trusted the students more. The students were allowed so much freedom. We got to go out for lunch, didn’t have to wear uniforms or go through metal detectors, went on more trips, and had more activities and clubs for the students. There were much better school lunches and I had to ride a school bus to school. Compared to most public schools in the District of Columbia this was much better than I expected. So I wondered why D.C public high schools weren’t like this. T.C Williams was very diverse. It had students from every continent in the world. Adjusting at first was a little difficult because it was my first time going to attend a school that was so diverse and it was my…show more content…
I became good friends with many students from different countries and parts of the world. I learned many new things from them. Going to T.C. Williams was a great experience because now I am able to communicate and befriend people from all over. After September 11 some people seem to have put their guard up towards Muslim people. I had a friend that was Muslim I met while at T.C. One day we were at the movie theater and a man had made a racist comment and told me to be careful around that Muslim. At that time I thought to myself “why anyone would say that about Sarah? She wouldn’t hurt a bug.” From that I learned that judging someone by their appearance can’t tell you how that person really is. You have to take the time out and get to know someone before making assumptions about them. Even though people have different religions and dress a certain way doesn’t take part in how they act as a

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