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My Brilliant Paper Over the years I have been asked many questions in my life, but one seems to keep popping up. "What are you going to do when you grow up?", and for the most part I have always know. In elementary school I wanted to be a doctor, then in middle school I knew what kind of doctor I wanted to be; a pediatrician. And then half way through high school I decided to change my mine once again I decided to become a physical therapist. Still a doctor but just a different skill needed. So now the question isn't what I want to do in life, it's why did I chose that path in particular. In psychology there are three categories: Biological, Behavioral, and Cognitive, that have influence my decisions in life. Biological The first one would be biological, which simply means that it's in the genes. In school there is what I like to think two types of people. The first being the students who succeed in English and history, the second being good at math and science. My parents and I are both a…show more content…
To become a physical therapist you have to become a great people person. You learn how to deal with people by watching other or being directly taught. I work in retail, so it is all about customer service. Do what ever it takes to make the clients happy, because in the end they are the ones paying you. My job teaches how identify the customers needs and wants and try to satisfied their needs as best as we can. I did sports all through my life, and this will help as well. Most physical therapist deal with athletes, so I have already learn how to deal with most common injuries that can occur. I have learned how to treat and prevent these injuries by taking athletic training as well. Being in sports has also taught me that teamwork is vital, whether it be for a sport or a job. Without team work nothing can really get done, you need to be able to rely on others and trust
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