Personal Narrative: Moving Into Dulles Junior High School

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In May of 1991 I got news that would change my life forever. At 11 years old, the thought of moving to a different country was mind-boggling and upsetting, mostly because I hated the idea of leaving my friends in Houston - the friends I had known since I was old enough to know. Never mind that I was moving to a country recently at war, and into a culture entirely different from my simple, cozy, American upbringing. I would soon be completing the 5th grade at my elementary school in Houston, Texas. I had been looking forward to the move into Dulles Junior High School, where the "baby" desks are replaced with the one-sided wrap around desks, and the halls are riddled with tough, metal lockers instead of Disney posters. I had no idea what…show more content…
The reality was setting in and my insecurities began to surface. I would have to completely start over. I was the new girl and I was suddenly very lonely. I was sure I would be left out of all the groups at my new school, and dreaded the inevitable humiliation. Thankfully, my sister, who had several new friends in no time, let me tag along and introduced me to the older brothers and sisters of my future classmates. As I watched my sister interact, I began to gain confidence. Confidence that came in handy on the first day of school as I once again sat down at an elementary desk, assigned by little paper cutout apples with our names on them. I was devastated, and could only imagine my friends in Houston excitedly beginning their Junior High years together. I was not about to let my new classmates see my pain, so I waited to get home and proceeded to break-down to my…show more content…
I began to appreciate the beauty of the experience. I was growing up. Growing up in a country known mostly for their poor treatment of women and vast desert landscapes, I was given the opportunity of seeing, feeling, and living among the reality and I felt special. I felt as though I knew a secret that so many others would never know. I melted into my new life, facing and conquering new challenges all along the way. Our graduation from 9th grade marked the end of the education available to us in Saudi Arabia. We had selected the boarding school we would attend for the next 3 years, and as we expected were spread apart across the United States. The bonds we made overseas have grown stronger with each day, and even as we live our separate lives hundreds of miles apart, our special “secret” is a constant source of

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