Personal Narrative: Moving From Tennessee To Delaware

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Miranda Wood English 101 October 3, 2009 Essay Moving from Tennessee to Delaware When I was nineteen and pregnant with my son, my family and I moved from a small town in Tennessee, Johnson City was in the middle of nowhere with a population of about one thousand people. My Mother met a guy on the internet, who is now my step father when I was in the ninth grade. As soon as I graduated from High School in two thousand and three they got married. Soon thereafter, we packed our things and moved. My parents went on their honeymoon, and I was stuck with my mother new in-laws. From Johnson City Tennessee to New Castle Delaware, it takes eight hours; if you have a lead foot. If you drive like my mom, it will take nine and a half hours.…show more content…
We had city schools, and county school with the exception of course of the one private school. You did not have a choice of school, unless you went to the private school. If you lived in the county, you went to county. If you lived in the city, you went to city school. Also if you were city you could go to a county school for free, but if you were in the county you would have to pay to go to a city school. We also had so many different restaurants down south that you can only find down south. We had a bojangles and a restaurant called pal’s; both of those were my favorite. A lot of businesses that have come north since I have been here were already down south. Even the food that people cook here for their families is entirely different then the way we cook it down south. The chicken and dumplings up here people make flat dumplings; our dumplings are big and fluffy. I also love my grannies homemade jelly and her chocolate gravy. Not to mention her gravy and biscuits are amazing and I also love her fried potatoes and…show more content…
I am a junior majoring in Criminal Justice and I have made new friends. Wonderful new friends, but I have found that you can always make new friends and it never replaces the old ones. I’m still adjusting, but I just do not like it up north. As soon as I am done school and have my degree in hand, I am going somewhere down south. The cost of living up north compared to the south is much more expensive. I lived in a two bedroom apartment with a pool for around hundred and fifty dollars a month in Tennessee. Up north my old room mate paid like eleven hundred dollars a month. I mean I know that Delaware has no taxes, but I still do not think that it evens out. If I could write a book on how my life moving from Tennessee to Delaware went and how different it is up north compared to down south, it would be called “Southern Girl trapped up North”. In closing, I guess the whole point of this paper is show the culture shock that I endured by moving just nine hours away from where I spent most of my life. It’s amazing how different something can be in just a few hours. I hope that the next couple years here will fly by

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