Personal Narrative: Manatee County

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Bradenton, Florida is place that I grew up in. The founder of the city is a Spanish conquistador name Fernando De Soto. He discovered Bradenton when landing on Shaw's point, just west of Bradenton in 1539. From the mouth of the Manatee River, he led an expeditionary force in search of gold and other riches. His findings have caused many of family to live in Manatee County. I am proud Manatee County resident and I love my neighborhood that I live in. My neighborhood is place that I feel safe. It is beholder of my childhood memories, and most importantly, it is my home. First and foremost, I believe my neighborhood is a safe haven, because of the awareness of authority officials surrounding the neighborhood. For instance, our neighborhood is patrolled by a watch house owned by the Bradenton Sheriff Department located a block from my house. Also I am secure and not worried about what is taking place around me because majority of my family members live in my neighborhood. If there is a problem that is regarding my safety my family members will come to my rescue. I don't have to be concern of the physical dangers that is encircling around me because I believe my Savior will come to my aid in times of trouble. There is no like Him, he is my shield…show more content…
My definition of home is foundation, love, peace, solitude, and security. Most importantly, I am accepted and am allowed to be me. I realized a line in a popular Disney movie called Alice and the Wonderland, saying, that '' there is no place like home'', and it has stuck with me. My old time favorites have made my world come to sense when realizing that things cannot get any worse when I am inside of my home. Or appreciating that fact that I have home and many people living in the city of Bradenton may not have one. It brings me to notion of accepted that some of the people that live in my neighborhood make reckless decision and I cannot judge them when they are doing illegal
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