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I work for Lifestyle Home Loans and realty company located in Inglewood California We have about 20 employees which consist of the brokers Lyondell and his wife Cynthia the secretary Maria and fourteen real estate agents an four loan officer. When I was asked to do this assignment on the office automation and group collaboration I had to think really hard on all the different software we use to keep the company running and our clients satisfied. One of the software programs we use is Microsoft word. Microsoft word is a powerful tool created to make documents look professional. With Microsoft we can create new documents, open existing files, save the active files with its current file name, locate and file formatting send the content of the document an a email, print the active file or selected items, preview files before printing, spell and grammar writing style errors, display suggestions for correcting. We can also cut copy and paste, undo redo, hyperlink, create boards and tables insert page numbers and date/time as well as pictures these are the functions we use with Microsoft word. We also use power point, power point creates a professional looking presentations for company meetings on strategies an efficient new selling techniques, loan programs and…show more content…
Outlook helps us with assignment communications, organizing and manages all of our information about our clients and sharing information with other co workers. Outlook manages our e- mails, calendars, contacts, task and to do- lists, as well as documents or files on the hard drives, we do group scheduling, and phone support, outlook has enhanced the junk mail filter to help provide the level of protection against junk-mail but one of the disadvantages with outlook is if you leave the outlook 2003 window active it may use so much memory that stops responding so you have to get in a habit of minimizing this program than switching to another
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