Personal Narrative: Journey To California For The Gold Field

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April 5, 1849 Today, I made the decision to go to California for the gold fields. It was a hard decision because I had to leave my family in the process. Luckily I had my boyfriend, Jacob to come along with me. I was pretty scared when I made the choice to come but then I thought it would be a good experience. April 19, 1849 After traveling our journey on horses for 2 weeks with taking several little breaks, we’ve finally arrived. The journey was more difficult than I thought it would be. Riding in the rain had caused a lot of travelers to come down with colds, and some didn’t make it. I’m thankful that my boyfriend and I had made it without any difficulties. May 19, 1849 It’s been a month since I’ve last written, the gold fields are hard work. We’ve been working since 5 am to 8 pm. Our meal for breakfast is a biscuit, lunch meal is bread and butter and our dinner meal is chicken soup and a piece of bread.…show more content…
I’ve found a chunk of gold worth 25 dollars. That’s enough money for 2 days worth of good meals for my boyfriend and I. Earning money in the gold fields is a pretty big challenge. They only accept the decent size rocks for a decent amount of money. A good friend of mine had found a rock the size of a bull frog and had earned 300 dollars on it. I hope to find a rock that big soon. July 19, 1849 Coming to California was a great choice. I got to meet people from all over. Some were nice and some were very rude. We shared cabins with people we didn’t know so it was a little awkward at first. But once I got to know everyone I’ve realized that you just had to give everyone a chance to see their good side. August 19, 1849 We have been here for six ½ months. I haven’t made much money but I’ve made enough to survive the hot days. They’ve been feeding us bigger portions on every meal. Once in a while they even have enough soup and bread left over for a second helping for everybody. September 19,

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