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Narration of events I at first wasn’t going to go to college until I won a Jesse Brown Scholarship for my volunteer work at the Topeka Colmery O’Neil VA Medical Center. I decided to go to Washburn University right after high school. I didn’t really want to be there which showed in my grades. My mom wouldn’t let me quit going to school and after trying to find a job as a business administrative assistant, I soon figured out my Microsoft Certification weren’t going to help me much. I needed the paper that said I knew what I was doing. I decided after looking at many other schools such as K-State and other Community Colleges that I would go to Kaw Area Technical School now known as Washburn Institute of Technology. I exceled at all my classes while at Kaw Area, but with my learning disability it made school a lot more fun to finally figure out that I’m technical meaning that I work best with my hands and that just reading doesn’t help me much until I can do the application such as typing professional documents or applying it to the real world.…show more content…
I still wasn’t sure about going back; I quickly got over my fears. The staff was really nice and always welling to help or explain what we were talking about differently. I however, did decide to go to a few community colleges to help with the cost of school when I was at Washburn. After graduating with my Associate Degree in Business Administrative Technology, I decided to finish up my Bachelor degree in Technology Administration. Even though I’ve needed a few pushes to stay in school and to finish when it gets hard I can finally say I’m almost done and ready to graduate in May 2014 after finishing up a few Washburn Transformational Experiences (WTE). I have really enjoyed working with the staff at Washburn Technology and Washburn

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