Personal Narrative: If I Am Biracial

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If I’m Biracial, Who am I? I am a biracial, Filipino and African American female. My mother is Filipino and my father is Black. Many people may call me weird, unique or different for the simple fact that I am biracial. Being from California, you would assume it would be a free, non-judging and accepting lifestyle to live in. That is not necessarily true; people will judge you no matter where you are from based on your ethnicity, gender or class. Being biracial, I have always had issues being fully accepted into my two races. I frequently find myself in situations where people question whether or not I am considered African American when I am around predominately Black people or considered Filipino when I am around primarily Asians. Biracial issues are never discussed. I…show more content…
My skin is what I have self-described as “caramel,” and my hair is long and naturally curly, although sometimes I straighten out my curls so I have straight hair which adds to people’s, especially black people’s puzzlement. I have been asked countless times by majority black people “What are you?” African Americans look at me differently or do not consider me really black because my hair does not fit the typical norm of the black race which is nappy hair or getting a weave sewed in. People ask me numerous times is my hair all mine or is it fake because they are not used to seeing a mixed person with black in them having natural long curly hair. Although I receive discrimination from the black race, I also receive discrimination from the Asian race from Asian people. They tell me that since I cannot speak the Filipino language or understand it, I should not consider myself Asian. I feel that just because my hair is all natural and all mines instead of a weave, or that my skin is lighter, or that I cannot speak or understand the Filipino language, does not give a black or an Asian person the right to discriminate me and tell me that I am not really Black or
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