Personal Narrative: I Am African American

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I am African American. It took many many years for me to say that with dignity. Let me first start by saying this, in no way am I bitter in telling my story because I am a proud black man. I was born in NYC to an affluent family; my mother is a Professor at NYU for Africana Studies which is part of the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis. My father is a heart surgeon affiliated with New York Presbyterian Hospital. They are very well educated African Americans whom have assimilated into an affluent society. This was not always possible. African Americans had to fight and survive extremes in order for my parents to be where they are. Let me explain. African Americans is only a term for anyone of African descent that is now living in America, whether they have been for several generations or arriving from Africa. A good portion of African Americans who have been living in the United States for generations, are in the US due to slave trade. Many people will argue specifics but what I know is African Americans came to the United States as transported commodities. In 1916 Africans migrated involuntary to in Jamestown, Virginia as indentured servants otherwise known as slaves. From 1654 until 1865, slavery was legal within the boundaries of the United States. Another place where African Americans settled was…show more content…
I know many people that will say slavery is still going on today but that is another issue. When slavery was legally abolished there was an attempt of expulsion, many people especially white people although there was mixed reaction from everyone. Dominant groups wanted to force my ancestors back to Africa and vacate America. This attempt was
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