Personal Narrative: How Football Changed My Life

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Soaring in the sky as i leap feets in the air. I was dared so i wasnt backing down from a challenge. as the other kids play touch football, me and my close friends at the time stayed within the swings. fourth grade was the best time i had as a kid especially if u have a great playground at your school to play on. we had sea saws, monkey bars, an open field but nothing was comparing to the swings we had. our swings was the best and i knew it because all of us kids who wanted to swing on them had to wait in line. there was only four swings with a bunch of elementary school kids kindergarden through sixth grade waiting like a line at a dance club. we loved them swings down to the rusted old pipes but i dont think they loved us. the swings that was on our playground we're extremly rusty and squeeked alot but they we're still good to swing on. the bars that held the swings together we're a almond brown right along with the chain connecting the seat to the bars of the swing. we we're gathered…show more content…
Goodwin rushed over to help me up being assisted by all my other classmates. all i kept hearing was "are you ok?" there was so many of them being thrown around that i didnt know who to respond to. a couple kids right along with Mr. Goodwin helped me to the nurses office where i had sat in all day until my mom came to pick me up after school. when school was over that day, i had gotten so many good feedbacks from kids i knew and some i never seen around before. the news went through Centennial Elementary School so quick i felt lke a superstar being greeted from so many people. i met alot of new friends and i was happy i did accept the boys challenge. it broke me out of my shell and ever since then i wasnt scared to do something daring but was still smart about what i choose. im still shy to a certain point still to this day, but not as shy as i was before thanks to that stunt i had to pull off in fourth

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