Personal Narrative: Heartland Preston County Nursing Home

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Kathy Shepherd ENG 104-Written English 1 Professor Beighley October 6, 2012 The morning of April 28, 1997 dawned cold, wet and dreary. I remember as though it were yesterday. I thought to myself what a crappy day for the guys to be out there turkey hunting, as I set out to do the mundane Monday morning school routine. Nearing the end of an eight day stretch at Heartland Preston County Nursing Home, where I worked as a nurse supervisor, I was tired. More than tired, exhaustion had moved in on Friday and it was now Monday. I was a single mom with two children, a full time job, and they both kept me pretty busy. Usually, there was more to do than hours in the day to get it done. I was filling the sink with hot water…show more content…
He worked hard all of his life to take care of his family, and did a great job. He was a very talented mechanic. If it had a motor, he could fix it. If he couldn’t fix it, he could rig it. He had a brilliant sense of humor, and genuinely relished being with his family and friends. He was my best and only friend during my divorce. He was the one who dried my tears and comforted me during my son’s funeral, and called just to chat every day. I know he was just calling to make sure I was still sane, but he was always there for me. He promised he would always stand by me, help me through the darkest times, and be there to celebrate the best times. My father never broke a promise that I can ever remember. If he gave you his word, it was better than any written contract an overpriced lawyer could concoct. My Dad was the only person that I could show my true self to. He knew my strengths, he knew my weaknesses, he knew the best and the worst about me. Yet, he never judged me. He loved me for who I was, and he was never afraid to tell me that he loved me. I didn’t always have to be strong and independent around him. He was my rock; he guided me to “my” true north. When I fell, he was there to help me up, brush me off and hold my hand until I could walk unaccompanied again. He meant the world to me, he had to be…show more content…
I wanted to touch him, smell him, hug him, and tell him that I loved him. I wanted to apologize for anything that I had ever done in my life to cause him even a second’s pain or worry, for anything that hurt his feelings or embarrassed him. I wanted to hear his laugh, see his smile and watch his eyes twinkle while he was bullshitting someone. I wanted to make him proud, I wanted to keep every promise that I had ever made to him. I needed him. He was my best friend, my confidant, my advisor, my rock, and my babies Pappy. He was so much more to me than just my Dad. What was I going to do without him? Who was I going to turn to when I needed him? There was no one I could even think of that came close to putting on his shoes let alone fill them! My Dad was the glue that held our family together! What was going to happen to all of us now? Would we be able to hold the family together without him? I wasn’t so sure, we got along because of him. None of us ever wanted to disappoint him. We respected him too much for that. All I did know is that we were going to miss his presence everywhere, and in everything we did. I didn’t know exactly how right I was on that fact, I miss him every day. I missed him yesterday, I missed him today, and I am sure that I will miss him as much tomorrow. The people that tell you that time heals all wounds have never lost someone that they love. I think about him with smiles more than tears now, and there’s times I

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