Personal Narrative: Going For The Gold

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Amanda Kenkel College English 12 Mrs. Potter 21 September 2009 Going for the Gold It was the first state softballtournament of my softball career. The eagerness of getting a shot of winning the tournament or even making it deep into state was getting the best of me. Only a few teams in the state of Nebraska get the chance to participate, and we were given that chance to shine. For only being twelve years old and heading to state for the first time was a big deal, I was so nervous. This was going to be a memory to last a life time. Entering Hastings’ softball complex for the first time wewere all in shock. Eight freshly cut fields,chalked from base to base were covered with aspiring athletes all with the same goal; winning state. Stepping into the dugout was a different story; we all couldn’t stop grinning. We hung our bat bags onto the fence and wished each other good luck. As I got ready to step out onto the field our coach took me to the side. He gave me some expiring words of courage and to take risks, that from this day I still remember and follow. By Sunday the next morning our team would face the hardest competition of…show more content…
The next few years we ended up in state and doing very well, but not another championship with my same team. It was so much fun for me to take such a big risk of playing my second base position and attempting to play my best, especially when I had no clue we would make it that far in state. My ‘experiment’ with playing softball directed me to be a confidant leader on the high school softball team. I am proud of myself for being able to play. My future in softball looks bright. I am looking forward to the rest of my senior year of softball that is coming to an end soon. My experience in state has taught me that, even when I might be afraid or nervous of playing, sometimes a risk is worth

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