Personal Narrative: From Mango To Meadowview

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From Mango to Meadowview The neighborhood I grew up in was not like Esperanza’s at all. I resided in the richest, some would say “whitest” neighborhood High Point had to offer, Waterford Meadows off of Skeet Club Rd. In all fairness, we had a pretty even mix of black and white. Everything was brand new and shiny. Everyone looked well taken care of, with their polo shirts and self bronzed skin. There were no bums walking around. Actually nobody walked. Everyone either drove huge Hummers, any other new SUV with big rims on them, Cadillac’s, and every pricey foreign car you can think of. All of the houses whereonly a couple of years old, if not brand new. The yards ranged from ¾ of an acre, to 4 acres around. And all were made of seemingly indestructible brick. Every other backyard either had a trampoline, basketball hoop, or both that got heavy use in the summertime. Kids raced go carts and motor scooters up and down the street, careful to avoid the horse dung left from one of the neighbor taking their steed for a ride. For those who didn’t have their own personal basketball goal, there was a full court and tennis court only a short walk away at the park.…show more content…
Ms. Sheryl was what I called my “other mother”. And their house was my home away from home. She always made sure I was feed. Every Sunday and major holidays she would cook so much food, she would beg me to take some home with me. But not only was she a good cook, she was very comforting and inspirational. At times I would feel better talking to her about problems and situation then my own mother. But above all we shared the same faith in God. We’re both Christians, and we believe that all things were possible through Christ Jesus. She even took me to a Carolina game. Ms. Sheryl will always be apivotal part of my

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