Personal Narrative: Experiencing Boston

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Experiencing Boston “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”—Confucius I was extremely excited to visit Boston for one of the world’s largest career fairs this past October. It was an amazing trip to go on, especially as an international student, both personally and professionally. I was ecstatic to learn that nearly 190 outstanding, innovative companies from all over the world offered a variety of positions for bilingual students. I was most interested in EY, Misuho Bank and JP Morgan. During the career fair, I had in-depth conversations with representatives from many of those corporations. Although I did not receive a job offer on that day, I was able to network and build connections within the companies. In essence, this was an extremely…show more content…
Coming from Japan, I have always wanted to see the east coast and had always wanted to visit Boston because of the city’s rich history. During my trip, I was able to stop by Harvard University. The academic environment left a strong impression on me. The noted brick entrance exuded respect and reminded you that you were entering one of the most prestigious learning institutions in the world. The campus was bustling with students motivated to learn. Most of the students I was able to meet were international students like myself. This made me feel even more comfortable walking around the campus. One of my favorite things about Boston was the delicious seafood. If you made memorable impression on companies at the career fair, many of them would invite you out to dinner at some of the best restaurants. When I was invited to these dinners, we went to a restaurant that allowed you to pick the exact fish you wanted to eat and then went on to prepare it for you. Calamari, lobster and oysters were among my favorites. These dinners provided me with the opportunity to taste exceptional food while networking with major corporations. This visit to Boston was one of the more memorable trips that I have ever been on. Not only did it help me towards having a better understanding of the professional world but also left me with substantial knowledge about the city of Boston. This excursion shaped me as both a student and an

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