Personal Narrative Essay: Violence In America

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Violence in America “You think I’m following you?” he asked. “Yes!” I said trying to make it sound obvious while giving him my raised- eyebrow look. “Don’t worry. I’m not. You don’t need to feel threatened”. “Uh, okay”, I said, though very unconvinced. It was around 8:30pm.two weeks back on a Friday night when I was returning alone to my dorm after my grocery shopping from the nearby gas station. It was getting dark and there were only a couple of people scattered around on the street. I had noticed the White stocky man walking a foot behind me for around two blocks and so I crossed the road just to be safe. But now, he was right on my trail again. As a matter of fact, we were now walking side-by-side. Hoping that it was all a coincidence,…show more content…
Much of today’s television programming is violent. One study conducted by four schools under UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and financed by the cable industry found that of nearly 2,700 shows analyzed in a 20 week survey of 23 channels, 57% were said to contain atleast some violence. Wrestling and boxing competitions are the obvious examples but there are also shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer; the X-files, CSI, Law & Order, to name a few. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and the X-files can always be counted on to show violent deaths. Similarly in Law& Order, shootings, murders and rapes are constant factors of the show. Also, with movies like Kill Bill and Star Wars, the title alone is enough to communicate that they contain violent scenes. It has been estimated that by the time an average child leaves elementary school, he or she will have witnessed 8,000 murders and over 100,000 other acts of violence on television alone and by the time that child is 18 years of age, he or she will have witnessed 200,000 acts of violence, including 40,000 murders. Television teaches viewers, especially young viewers who have difficulty discriminating between real life and fantasy, that violence is the accepted way we solve
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