Personal Narrative Essay: The Southern Door Softball Team

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Falling Short One moment, one game, one chance at the state title, was the thought that scrolled through my mind as I watch the Southern Door Varsity Softball team soar over the NEW Lutheran Blazers. A pinch runner was the answer to eliminating this life lesson. Softball has been my passion since I was a young girl in little league. I admired the varsity softball team when they went to the state tournament and dreamed of being in their shoes under the lights of a heated matchup. When I finally got the chance to be on a successful varsity softball team, my junior season ended in an unfortunate way. Although this experience is not something that I look back on as a positive in my life, I learned to never take anything for granted. The Southern Door Softball team had won numerous nail-biting games and had only lost one conference matchup. Until the loss to Kewaunee, we were predicted to make it to the state tournament. Being feared by our competition, I was thrilled to be having a successful season. My goal of making it to the state tournament was in reach, and we were ranked in the…show more content…
The next day I went into the doctor’s office, got x-rays taken, and talked to the doctor. He stated, “You will be out for six to eight weeks, depending on the swelling.” As I sat there I thought to myself, this is horrible timing. If I am lucky I will be back for the state tournament, but even then I will be out of shape. My junior softball season is completed. I will never get to play with these successful ladies again. Although the doctor said I could go back when I was ready, I could not bend my knee or walk without a limp for that matter. The car ride home from Green Bay I sobbed. Softball is my favorite sport and this was the season that we had an opportunity to make it to the state tournament and win a conference

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