Personal Narrative Essay: The Murder Of Brad Rolle

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Short and chubby the use to call her, with massive teeth and a little bit of hair was my friend Donna from around the corner. Donna always use to come knocking at my door 5am in the morning, so we can go on the park for a swing and then head to school. She was never the trouble some type, who would pick fight or even get called at the office. Donna was about 4'7" and weight about 200 pounds, but that never stopped her from running after me at play. We always sat down and shared our secrets, our thoughts and even the guy we both had a crush on "Brad Rolle" during our lunch period. Until one day Donna got in a fight. This fight wasn't any ordinary fight..... this was like a dog and cat fighting. Chairs were flying, desk was slamming and fist was from head to head. Donna was so upset, I knew, because I never saw her this way from the day I met her. Suddenly, the unexpected had happen. Blood came rushing down the head of my friend and tumble she went on the floor. Everyting happened so swiftly, that only thing was left for me to do is head up to the office and out the ambulance will take her. This day was most dreadful to me, because I watched the life of my good friend head away from me.…show more content…
However, her mother called and said she had passed away from that night. Depression and tears fulfilled my heart and only thing I had left of her is the paleness of her skin on a photo we took the first day we met. Yes, Donna was the only friend who could of made me smile or laugh with meaning, but she is gone away now. The 4'7" girl I knew is beyond the clouds, and our friendship will never be

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