Personal Narrative Essay On Dirt Biking

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Jr Professor Adams English 101 17 September 2012 Dirt Biking Disappointment, disbelief and fear filled my mind as I lye flat on my face, sandwiched between the cold, hard dirt and my hot sharp metal of my dirt bike. All 265 pounds of my bike was forcing down on the upper half of my body. Luckily I had a chest protector so it did not really hurt as bad, but I could slowly start to feel the heat coming off the exhaust pipe on my bike through my protector straight to my back. My mind was going insane. What just happened? I could see people riding right by me completely unaware of what just happened and how I felt. I tried getting up but there was no way I was pushing 265 pounds off my bike by myself. All I could do is just sit and wait until someone to help me. At the crack of dawn I was up and ready to start getting ready to go head out to the motocross track out in Riverside. It was the start of another one of my routines I follow every time I go out dirt biking. Making sure I have everything I need from gas to my neck brace. All this would usually take me the same amount of time. Now that I’ve gotten everything loaded into my lifted truck I was ready to sent off to the track. With the music blasting at around 7:30 in the morning everything was going as it usually does. After an…show more content…
I could see the ground coming closer and closer. I hit the ground and just rolled with the impact and thought it was all over until I felt my bike pierce my back as it rolled on top of me. I could barley breathe as I had gotten the wind knocked right out of me right when I hit the ground so yelling for help wasn't really an option. It felt as though it was a lifetime until someone came to help me but I was later told I was only on the ground for about 2 minutes at the

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