Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To The Potomac River

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I went to the Potomac River with my group on June 26th. We had so much fun and we went canoeing. My group really loved it. And I think I’m going to go back one day. I honestly loved it and I’m not outside person but it was amazing trip. the people that went with me was Chief Erin, Chief Tricia, Chief Tim, Chief Kristin, Cherish, Kate, Mallory, Makayla, Ally, Faith, Heaven, Katlyne, Chantell, and Alex. First, One of our canoes tipped so we had to lift it up. And then we put the canoes on the rocks. So after we put it on the rock’s we had to put all the stuff back in our canoe and we got lucky because a little bit of are stuff got wet that was all. Next, were on are way to our next place we were camping at. Well it was very stormy so we had to pull over. Well when we were just waiting for it to stop raining, we were all eating lunch it was good we had beef jerky and some fruit mix So it stopped raining and we went to our next place.…show more content…
Then Ally ate 27 hot dogs, 2 BIG jars of spaghetti O’s, then she asked for more. And Chief Erin gave her more and that wasn’t good because she got very sick. So we went to bed and got up the next morning to eat. End, we went swimming for the last time and Chief Erin got chased by peanut butter. She went down to the river to get it off because she HATE’S peanut butter. But when she got chased it was so funny and some of are girls were having a photo shoot while Chief Erin was trying to get the peanut butter off of
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