Personal Narrative Essay: John Wa Impossible Is Nothing

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There are some way in which I am different from everyone else, such as I am not a person who just does not try anything because someone else thinks I cant do it, I am not a quitter, I believe in impossible is nothing. When someone tells me I cannot do some thing, I try to do it just to prove them wrong. I was challenged to a basketball game by a guy name Brandon. He started a rumor saying that I was bad at basketball, and couldn’t beat him. I felt that the only way to prove this guys wrong was to win against him, so I accepted his challenge. We planned to play a week after I accepted his challenge. The whole week everyone was telling me that I cannot beat him, and he was going to destroy me. Then the game day came , we played at the local YMCA for a game to 21. the game was close, but at the end I pulled out the victory. An example of this would be like the kid who was in a car accident. The kid’s name was John. He was 15 years old and like to play basketball and football a lot. After the accident happened, the doctor’s told him that he was paralyzed from his waist down. John…show more content…
The time when every person in the world except me thought that the 2004 Western Conference Finals game was over. There were .4 seconds left on the clock, and the crowd had lost hope. The LA Lakers took a timeout to plan the shot and the other team, the San Antonio Spurs had already started to celebrate. Then one player stepped up and said, “I will take the last shot.” His players name was Derek Fisher. The Lakers in bounded the ball, and the ball was quickly thrown to Fisher. He caught the ball, and in a blink of an eye the ball was in the air traveling towards the basket. The whole world was slowed down and watched the ball go in the air. Then the buzzer sounded and all you heard was a clean swish. The Lakers had won the game and the that was the time I started to believe in impossible is

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