Personal Narrative Essay: Bass Fishing

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Bass Fishing I can remember being not much older than 5 no younger than 3. I was at the pond back in the woods of my grandpa’s farm. My Grandpa, my little brother Chad, Aunt Becky, and I were back there still fishing. We were getting bites and catching fish. All we caught were too small to filet. The bluegills and sunfish were just too small. My Uncle Don and Aunt Judy showed up not much after we did. Uncle Don was a great fisherman in my eyes. He had a massive tackle box. A box that looked like two guys should carry it. So he gets in that box puts on a really cool shiny shad looking lure. I remember being so anxious to see what he was going to do with the fancy gear and what kind of fish he is going to catch. He cast out several times before hooking a large mouth bass. It took him about five minutes to reel it in. Nothing like these “minnows” we were catching. He finally grabbed the bass by the mouth and I remember being in shear wonderment and promising myself right then and there that I would be just like my Uncle Don when came to fishing. Not too long after that I finally convinced my uncle and my grandpa to teach me how to bass fish. Bass fishing played a huge part in my families past time. It was a good way to relax, compete, and create great memories with family.…show more content…
Now there are way too many different types of poles, reels, types of line, and size of line to talk about now. So I will let you borrow one of mine. Now that we have a rod and a reel and it has ten pound test line on it we will get into the different times of day and what to use each time of day. The methods that I will be teaching you will be cast and retrieve and still fishing. The sections that are titled with the time of day, I teach you about lures are all cast and retrieve methods. The section that is titled live bait, it is the still fishing

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