Personal Narrative-Defarted Contemplations Joseph Sawyer

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Defoliated Contemplations Joseph Sawyer Deep in the valley of Dudleytown, Indiana, with its one mile long road of a town, has a nickname that has stuck with this town for centuries to come. Deadlytown. All the uproar of its nickname will never live down after this catastrophic happening. Little house, little family, and conflict between parents within a home. Fifteen year old Justin Smith is intolerant to the battle being fought in the room adjacent to his own. Standing tall at six foot, two inches, with broad shoulders weighing out to two hundred and twenty pounds, thoughts begin ravishing into his head. “Should I follow into the door? Lead astray a lengthy line of thoughts that are trapped inside my mind and scream?” his mind feeds…show more content…
The murderer, which is her husband, notices and cautiously makes way toward her, holding the gun out as if not a worry in the world. Fires another shot which misses fortunately. Looking as if he were threatening her, he repeats this action without missing, using a third shot that causes a reaction upon the face of a mother, grandmother, and best friend that was incapable of making any other expression of overwhelming pain. She picks herself up off the ground after nearly fainting at what she has just observed. Peering into the window, looking one last time out of curiosity for her love towards her daughter, she sees Brian walk over to a warm body with the look of a face that is cold and expressionless as a frozen stone. He rolled her body over where her face was pointing up right. Hovering over her body and shaking his head in an up and down motion to ensure his victory. He then backs away slowly without saying a word. He pulls out a knife from his pocket and starts cutting into his own body. Pulling out organs and cutting them for the prosperity of his indulgences. Sirens interrupt thoughts processing within the mind of a Grandmother who has seen undesirable images. Forever more will two lives be defoliated

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