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English 100 Child Birth When the phone rang with the news it we time for me to race to the hospital. My heart was beating wildly, as sweat was starting to gather on my nose. All my thoughts and emotions were racing thru my mind. I was overwhelmed and scared at the same time. My hands and knees were shaking. I knew in my heart the pain she would endure, and hoped she would be okay. I knew firsthand the pain of childbirth having had three children of my own. They say it’s the hardest pain to endure, but the easiest to forget. It is the truth, but at that moment it was the farthest thing from my mind. I remember the pungent anticeptic smell of the birthing room Shannon was in. The beep beep of the monitors that were hooked up to Shannon and her unborn baby. As the contractions would start to rise as the beeping of the monitor would speed up and grow louder Shannon would squeeze my hand or her husband when the pain increased. I found a new respect for Jarid that day that I had never felt before for the way he catered to her and made her as comfortable as humanly possible. He held a cold washcloth to her forehead. As I said before I saw him in a whole new light. On April thirtyith 2007 my first granddaughter Shaleigh Elaine Church came into the world. A beautiful seven pound eight ounce bouncing baby girl. With a head full…show more content…
I was the one that got to pick out her name. I chose Shaleigh Elaine because I was going to name my daughter Shaleigh, but beings I had her on my mothers birthday I thought it would be more fitting to name her after my mother. My mother’s name was Sharon Kay so I named my daughter after my mother, Shannon Kay. They had a bond that ran deep. My mother passed away when Shannon was only twelve. To this day my daughter is pretty sad on her birthday instead of

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